The top-level squirrelWindows key contains set of options instructing electron-builder on how it should build Squirrel.Windows.

Squirrel.Windows target is maintained, but deprecated. Please use nsis instead.

To use Squirrel.Windows please install electron-builder-squirrel-windows dependency. To build for Squirrel.Windows on macOS, please install mono (brew install mono).

Your app must be able to handle Squirrel.Windows startup events that occur during install and uninstall. See electron-squirrel-startup.

  • iconUrl String | “undefined” - A URL to an ICO file to use as the application icon (displayed in Control Panel > Programs and Features). Defaults to the Electron icon.

    Please note — local icon file url is not accepted, must be https/http.

    If you don’t plan to build windows installer, you can omit it. If your project repository is public on GitHub, it will be https://github.com/${u}/${p}/blob/master/build/icon.ico?raw=true by default.

  • loadingGif String | “undefined” - The path to a .gif file to display during install. build/install-spinner.gif will be used if exists (it is a recommended way to set) (otherwise default).

  • msi Boolean - Whether to create an MSI installer. Defaults to false (MSI is not created).

  • remoteReleases String | Boolean | “undefined” - A URL to your existing updates. Or true to automatically set to your GitHub repository. If given, these will be downloaded to create delta updates.

  • remoteToken String | “undefined” - Authentication token for remote updates

  • useAppIdAsId Boolean - Use appId to identify package instead of name.

Inherited from TargetSpecificOptions: