The top-level squirrelWindows key contains set of options instructing electron-builder on how it should build Squirrel.Windows.

Squirrel.Windows target is maintained, but deprecated. Please use nsis instead.

To use Squirrel.Windows please install electron-builder-squirrel-windows dependency. To build for Squirrel.Windows on macOS, please install mono (brew install mono).

  • iconUrl String - A URL to an ICO file to use as the application icon (displayed in Control Panel > Programs and Features). Defaults to the Electron icon.

    Please note — local icon file url is not accepted, must be https/http.

    If you don’t plan to build windows installer, you can omit it. If your project repository is public on GitHub, it will be https://github.com/${u}/${p}/blob/master/build/icon.ico?raw=true by default.

  • loadingGif String - The path to a .gif file to display during install. build/install-spinner.gif will be used if exists (it is a recommended way to set) (otherwise default).

  • msi Boolean - Whether to create an MSI installer. Defaults to false (MSI is not created).
  • remoteReleases String | Boolean - A URL to your existing updates. Or true to automatically set to your GitHub repository. If given, these will be downloaded to create delta updates.
  • remoteToken String - Authentication token for remote updates
  • useAppIdAsId Boolean - Use appId to identify package instead of name.

Inherited from TargetSpecificOptions: