Important: This approach must be used only in development environment. Since the release version of your application the app directory should self contain all used files.

In case on development environment your app runs the main process (executed by electron) not inside the /app folder. You may need to load the /app dependencies manually. Because the app dependencies are be placed at /app/node_modules and your main process that is running in a different directory will not have access by default to that directory.

Instead of duplicating the app dependencies in the development package.json it is possible to make the electron main process load the app dependencies manually with an approach like this:

// Given this file is: /src/browser/main.js

var path = require('path');

var devMode = (process.argv || []).indexOf('--dev') !== -1;

if (devMode) {
  // load the app dependencies
  var PATH_APP_NODE_MODULES = path.join(__dirname, '..', '..', 'app', 'node_modules');

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