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The top-level dmg key contains set of options instructing electron-builder on how it should build DMG.

  • background String | “undefined” - The path to background image (default: build/background.tiff or build/background.png if exists). The resolution of this file determines the resolution of the installer window. If background is not specified, use window.size. Default locations expected background size to be 540x380. See: DMG with Retina background support.

  • backgroundColor String | “undefined” - The background color (accepts css colors). Defaults to #ffffff (white) if no background image.

  • icon String | “undefined” - The path to DMG icon (volume icon), which will be shown when mounted, relative to the build resources or to the project directory. Defaults to the application icon (build/icon.icns).

  • iconSize = 80 Number | “undefined” - The size of all the icons inside the DMG.

  • iconTextSize = 12 Number | “undefined” - The size of all the icon texts inside the DMG.

  • title = ${productName} ${version} String | “undefined” - The title of the produced DMG, which will be shown when mounted (volume name).

    Macro ${productName}, ${version} and ${name} are supported.

  • contents Array<DmgContent> - The content — to customize icon locations. The x and y coordinates refer to the position of the center of the icon (at 1x scale), and do not take the label into account.

    • x Number - The device-independent pixel offset from the left of the window to the center of the icon.
    • y Number - The device-independent pixel offset from the top of the window to the center of the icon.
    • type “link” | “file” | “dir”
    • name String - The name of the file within the DMG. Defaults to basename of path.
    • path String - The path of the file within the DMG.
  • format = UDZO “UDRW” | “UDRO” | “UDCO” | “UDZO” | “UDBZ” | “ULFO” - The disk image format. ULFO (lzfse-compressed image (OS X 10.11+ only)).

  • window - The DMG window position and size. With y co-ordinates running from bottom to top.

    The Finder makes sure that the window will be on the user’s display, so if you want your window at the top left of the display you could use "x": 0, "y": 100000 as the x, y co-ordinates. It is not to be possible to position the window relative to the top left or relative to the center of the user’s screen.

    • x = 400 Number - The X position relative to left of the screen.
    • y = 100 Number - The Y position relative to bottom of the screen.
    • width Number - The width. Defaults to background image width or 540.
    • height Number - The height. Defaults to background image height or 380.
  • internetEnabled = false Boolean - Whether to create internet-enabled disk image (when it is downloaded using a browser it will automatically decompress the image, put the application on the desktop, unmount and remove the disk image file).

  • sign = false Boolean - Whether to sign the DMG or not. Signing is not required and will lead to unwanted errors in combination with notarization requirements.

Inherited from TargetSpecificOptions:

DMG License

To add license to DMG, create file license_LANG_CODE.txt in the build resources. Multiple license files in different languages are supported — use lang postfix (e.g. _de, _ru)). For example, create files license_de.txt and license_en.txt in the build resources. If OS language is german, license_de.txt will be displayed. See map of language code to name.

You can also change the default button labels of the DMG by passing a json file named licenseButtons_LANG_CODE.json. The german file would be named: licenseButtons_de.json. The contain file should have the following format:

  "lang": "English",
  "agree": "Agree",
  "disagree": "Disagree",
  "print": "Print",
  "save": "Save",
  "description": "Here is my own description"