The top-level appImage key contains set of options instructing electron-builder on how it should build AppImage.

Desktop Integration

Since electron-builder 21 desktop integration is not a part of produced AppImage file. AppImageLauncher is the recommended way to integrate AppImages.

  • license String | “undefined” - The path to EULA license file. Defaults to license.txt or eula.txt (or uppercase variants). Only plain text is supported.

Inherited from CommonLinuxOptions:

  • synopsis String | “undefined” - The short description.
  • description String | “undefined” - As description from application package.json, but allows you to specify different for Linux.
  • category String | “undefined” - The application category.
  • mimeTypes Array<String> | “undefined” - The mime types in addition to specified in the file associations. Use it if you don’t want to register a new mime type, but reuse existing.
  • desktop any | “undefined” - The Desktop file entries (name to value).
  • executableArgs Array<String> | “undefined” - The executable parameters. Pass to executableName

Inherited from TargetSpecificOptions: